Get away from all the jewellery related superstitions with the proper facts

All around the world people love to wear jewellery. There are no women who do not have a single piece of jewellery. Many people have made their passion to collect various jewelleries from over the world. Pairing jewellery or rings of your toes  with your outfit is all about fashion. It represents the strong symbol of femininity. It makes women feel more confident about them. Those days are gone, when jewellery is only made out of diamond, gold and precious metals, nowadays you can find a lot more cheap and good material as jewellery. In the modern age there are many materials, which represent the appearance of original metals.

As women pearl bracelets like  jewellery is getting more popular, but there are few people who believe in superstitions centric the jewellery. There are many fascinating tales based on some jewelleries or metals, which create a lot of superstitions, such as:

  1. Pearls Produce Tears

It is one of the best-known jewellery superstitions which warn against wearing pearls on the wedding day. It is believed that pearls forecast tears in a marriage.

Other stories suggest pearls will only bring tears if you buy them for yourself. It’s best if you receive them as a gift. Another one is that pearls should never be whiter than the wearer’s teeth.

Here’s the Takeaway:

First thing is pearls are meant for frequent wear. Wearing them often enhances their colour and lustier. One should not store them in a hot, airless environment, which will result in drying and cracking. After each wearing, you should wipe the pearls with a damp cloth to remove any makeup products or other damaging chemicals.

2. Asian Diamond Folklore

In Southeast Asia, their tradition advises against buying or wearing diamonds which has deep, black inclusions. It is believed that these imperfections may bring bad luck and misfortune to the wearer and their loved ones.

From the ancient tales, Diamonds were associated with purity, cleanliness, and tied to the Hindu deity Indra – King of all Gods. The Sanskrit word for diamond is varja, which means “thunderbolt.” so; the conception is totally a myth. 

3. Jewellery to Ward off Evil

In some cultures in the world, evil eye jewellery is worn when babies are born. According to the belief, this symbol wards off the malicious evil eyes of admirers casting ill intentions to the newborn child. The eye offers protection and good luck to the child. Turquoise can protect against the evil eye as well.

It’s also being believed silver jewellery also keeps bad spirits at bay. Some cultures look to silver for protection against all the evil forces. And perhaps this superstition has some truth in it. Silver has antibacterial properties ? and was used in ancient days to cure infections. Silver was used in utensils and other tableware because of its germ-killing and antibacterial properties.

4. The Opal Omen

It may be the most popular of all jewellery superstitions, many people consider opal a talisman for bad luck to all except those who were born in October. You should never buy opal for yourself like pearls.

The Rumour is that opal earned this bad reputation over a century ago when quality Australian Opal began to threaten the diamond commerce. Diamond traders made up stories about opal to make the stone less desirable.