Hong Kongs’s Boyband inspiring the Best Online Mens Clothing Stores

You are probably living under a rock if you have not heard about the boy band Mirror. It is currently the most popular boy band hailing from Hong Kong in the local music scene. The fangirls are all over the hottest boy band in Hong Kong. Their fashion sense and charming personality set them apart from the other groups. Looking for some fashion inspiration, check out https://flanellemag.com/the-10-best-fashion-tiktok-accounts-to-follow-for-inspiration/

You can find their faces throughout the city, from billboards to public transportation; they are everywhere. Their popularity has revived Cantopop but what distinguishes this group from other groups and why are they the hottest boy band in Hong Kong at present. In this article, we will list down things you need to know about “Mirror”

The mirror is a Cantopop boy band and is a 12-member group. Their names are Alton Wong, Anson Kong, Anson Lo, EdanLui, Frankie Chan, Ian Chan, Jer Lau, Jeremy Lee, Keung To, Lokman Yeung, Stanley Yau, and Tiger Yau. Each of them brings a unique skill set to the group be it in the form of vocals, dance, or rap.

Mirror made their debut in 2018 and have since earned a colossal following. Their popularity has grown over time, and the members of the group can be found all around the city, from commercials to digital billboards. The band, however, had to go through their fair share of trouble in the beginning.

Mirror initially struggled in the beginning, with foreign music such as K-pop and American pop dominating the scene. When the band originally debuted, most people thought they would fizzle out soon but Mirror established themselves as one of Hong Kong’s most popular boy bands thanks to their lovely personality, dedication, and great performances.

The members of the group originally participated in ViuTV’s music competition show, Good Night Show. All 12 members of the group participated as contestants on the show. The winner was Keung To, with Ian Chan and Lokman Yeung coming in second and third, respectively. These performers also attracted a large audience during the show.

Rise to fame
Mirror made its debut in 2018 with the song One Moment In Time. However, their biggest hits so far have been Warrior and Ignited. In June 2021, the band released a new song called Boss, which has received over 4.3 million views on Youtube.

Collaboration with brands
Aside from topping the charts, and winning significant awards for music, they have also attracted the attention of global luxury labels such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi, with many of the members making headline after headline for their flawless sense of style.

The story behind the band name
The group was given the name “Mirror” to represent the mirror in which the members gaze to see their genuine selves. It also depicts the members’ multifaceted nature, with each having their own set of talents and abilities.

Their popularity is so high that they are inspiring the men’s fashion scene at a global scale. All the players are keeping an eye on their style and trying to give their customers the same.