Hong Kongs’s Boyband inspiring the Best Online Mens Clothing Stores

You are probably living under a rock if you have not heard about the boy band Mirror. It is currently the most popular boy band hailing from Hong Kong in the local music scene. The fangirls are all over the hottest boy band in Hong Kong. Their fashion sense and charming personality set them apart from the other groups. Looking for some fashion inspiration, check out https://flanellemag.com/the-10-best-fashion-tiktok-accounts-to-follow-for-inspiration/

You can find their faces throughout the city, from billboards to public transportation; they are everywhere. Their popularity has revived Cantopop but what distinguishes this group from other groups and why are they the hottest boy band in Hong Kong at present. In this article, we will list down things you need to know about “Mirror”

The mirror is a Cantopop boy band and is a 12-member group. Their names are Alton Wong, Anson Kong, Anson Lo, EdanLui, Frankie Chan, Ian Chan, Jer Lau, Jeremy Lee, Keung To, Lokman Yeung, Stanley Yau, and Tiger Yau. Each of them brings a unique skill set to the group be it in the form of vocals, dance, or rap.

Mirror made their debut in 2018 and have since earned a colossal following. Their popularity has grown over time, and the members of the group can be found all around the city, from commercials to digital billboards. The band, however, had to go through their fair share of trouble in the beginning.

Mirror initially struggled in the beginning, with foreign music such as K-pop and American pop dominating the scene. When the band originally debuted, most people thought they would fizzle out soon but Mirror established themselves as one of Hong Kong’s most popular boy bands thanks to their lovely personality, dedication, and great performances.

The members of the group originally participated in ViuTV’s music competition show, Good Night Show. All 12 members of the group participated as contestants on the show. The winner was Keung To, with Ian Chan and Lokman Yeung coming in second and third, respectively. These performers also attracted a large audience during the show.

Rise to fame
Mirror made its debut in 2018 with the song One Moment In Time. However, their biggest hits so far have been Warrior and Ignited. In June 2021, the band released a new song called Boss, which has received over 4.3 million views on Youtube.

Collaboration with brands
Aside from topping the charts, and winning significant awards for music, they have also attracted the attention of global luxury labels such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi, with many of the members making headline after headline for their flawless sense of style.

The story behind the band name
The group was given the name “Mirror” to represent the mirror in which the members gaze to see their genuine selves. It also depicts the members’ multifaceted nature, with each having their own set of talents and abilities.

Their popularity is so high that they are inspiring the men’s fashion scene at a global scale. All the players are keeping an eye on their style and trying to give their customers the same.

Use Good Sunglasses for Eye Protection Starting at a Young Age

8 Best Kids Sunglasses In 2021 🥇 | Tested and Reviewed by Water  Enthusiasts - Globo Surf

When children pack for their summer camp, eyepieces like sunglasses may always not in the top priority list. But parents made it the priority for the kids because of two reasons. 

People’s eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body to Ultraviolet radiation from the sun, especially to teens, 20, and 30 years old. But the damage usually does not show up until they reach the later parts of their lives. The sun’s rays are pretty intense near reflective surfaces. 

Why use protective eyepieces?

If people spend a lot of time near bodies of water, snow, or the beach, the sunlight will bounce off to these surfaces and straight into people’s eyes. The UV radiation from the sun can damage people’s eyes. But according to experts, they do not know precisely how it can harm the eyes. 

Some even debate whether it can directly cause common eye problems like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Cataracts are the clouding of the lens. It makes people’s vision pretty blurry. Glaucoma, on the other hand, is an increase in pressure inside an individual’s eye. It can damage optic nerves and can potentially lead to blindness. 

What is glaucoma? Click https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/9710 for details.

And lastly, age-related macular degeneration can gradually destroy the part of the eye that provides a sharp central vision, also known as the macula. But there is good evidence that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause exfoliation syndrome, leading to more severe eye problems. 

This syndrome involves the productions of small dandruff-like flakes inside people’s eyes. As these things build up, they can clog natural drains of the eyes. It can potentially lead to other visual issues. Worldwide, this syndrome is one of the most common identifiable causes of secondary closed-angle, as well as secondary open-angle glaucoma. It is also linked to cataracts, as well as possible macular degeneration.

According to research, women between 15 and 24 years old who spend at least ten hours per week under the sun seem to have more risk of getting this syndrome compared to individuals who spend three hours per week under the sun. 

Sunglasses as protection

Protecting your eyeballs from the damaging UV rays from the sun is an excellent strategy. Individuals do not have to spend a lot of money to get a quality pair of sunglasses. But people do need to know what they need to look for in sunglass lenses – most notably, protection from Ultraviolet-A and Ultraviolet B. People will want at least 95% UV radiation blockage. Not only that, users need to look for sunglasses like Tom Ford Glasses with polarized lenses. It can minimize the glare from snow, sand, and water.

Buyers beware

A lot of manufacturers are not required to tell their customers or even guarantee them Ultraviolet protection. Individuals cannot be certain that inexpensive sunglasses from the gasoline station or drug store will provide protection, even if it promises 100% protection on the label. 

Expert recommends going to optical stores to get proper guidance that can help them choose good and top-quality eyepieces. They can always take advantage of experts’ advice, especially if they already have serious vision problems.

Why Ladies Are Crazy About Nail Polish Wraps?

Girls love to decorate and style nails but everyone can’t style by themselves. Styling requires prior appointments with nail art professionals and experts. The nail wrapping ideas are the easiest, quickest, and trending nail styling ideas. There are some of the top nail art studios good at nail polish wraps. Visit the place or contact them on online mode to purchase the best products. The craze for nail wraps can be ascertained with the increasing demand for nail wrap products in the market. Here, we have listed the topmost reasons that make the nail wraps the best nail art styling idea.

Keeps the nails healthy

Frequently styling and using chemical products on the nails can affect the growth and health of the nails. All those ladies who want their nails to look fashionable all the time should prefer using the nail wraps. The nail wraps do not cause any harm to natural nails. They can just be wrapped up easily on the nails and can be removed with nail paint remover. They are just like the false nails that can be added to the natural nails to enhance and beautify their look.

Gloss gel maintains the natural shine

Usually, the chemical nail polishes can damage the natural shine of the nails. Putting the nail paints and nail art colors for a long time can make the cuticles dry and moistureless. The nail wraps have a base coating of gloss gel. The gel nourishes the nails and keeps them watery and shiny. There is no harm in carrying the nail wraps for a long duration. It is the best idea to take care of your natural nails while styling and decorating.

Easy and quick nail styling

The fast and busy lives of people do not allow much time for self-pampering and care. Taking out time for manicure and hand scrubs are not possible on a regular basis. It is recommended to go for these cleansing and caring sessions. But if you do not manage to get much time then go for easy, quick, and healthy styling options. The beautiful and stylish nail wraps allow the easiest and quickest hacks to give you a salon-style look. The easy-made guide kit with teh nail wraps will help you in getting the nails done step by step.

The benefits offered by the nail polish wraps are unending. Choose the designs for the latest collection of nail wrap designs available online. The different patterns and designs are available in many colors. Purchase the right set and get ready to show off your nails.

High Quality Kandy

Hypoallergenic jewellery is the perfect gift. First of all there is not a single woman that wouldn’t be delighted to receive a new piece of jewellery, secondly more and more of people suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities that limit their choices. Kandy Nation brought to its’ customers jewellery that is The Perfect Gift. A healthy (Hypoallergenic, Nickel Free & Lead Free) high quality Surgical Steel jewellery that is budget friendly and will serve you a lifetime with a proper care. 

Plate my World

Gold Plated Jewellery is the hottest trend in fashion jewellery. After all gold plating is nothing else than putting a thin layer of real (yes, Real) Gold on top of other metals. The quality of Gold is exactly the same as in solid Gold product, but the heart of it is different. Gold plating allows jewellery designers to make their wildest dreams come to life, because using a different base metal gives them freedom that pure gold does not allow. And what’s more important it allows their product be affordable to masses, all the while looking practically indistinguishable from solid gold pieces. Win Win, right? Now before, you say it: Yes, Gold plating wears off. Eventually and over long periods of time. But Kandy Nation found a perfect match for gold plating that delays that process and in some cases it even prevents it, and it couldn’t be simpler – stainless steel. Stainless steel is a high quality metal compound of iron, carbon, and chromium. It is used for making things from surgical tools, pans, to car parts. And jewellery! Stainless steel was originally used for freshly pierced earrings due to the extremely low rate of allergic reactions to it. And still, 316L surgical steel, not only offers the highest quality of metal, but is the safest choice available as first contact jewellery, especially for children. It is harder to scratch, can withstand the sun, the sand, and the sea. What can make it even safer is the Gold plating on top, that helps to prevent allergic reactions. Everything for the Win! The only Achilles heel of stainless steel jewellery is its’ sensitivity to chlorine, so you simply need to remember to take it off before going into chlorine pool. Such a minor disadvantage to deal with, right?

Best for the Best

<a href=”https://kandynation.com/14k-gold-plated-jewellery/”>Kandy Nation’s Surgical steel jewellery</a> is corrosion-free, tarnish-free, and scratch-free. It does not require as much maintenance and is really easy to clean. It is lightweight and comfortable. It is substantially cheaper than Gold. It is the most environmentally-friendly metal option in the jewelry world. In the production process, the amount of energy used and waste produced is dramatically less than in the production of other metals for jewelry, AND it is 100% recyclable! Yes, it sure is! 

Those are all the reasons why when you’re lost for words but want to show someone you love, how much they mean to you, we have the perfect gift. High quality pieces from the Heart, that Win Hearts. Heart pendants, Tiffany inspired Heart Necklace, Infinity Bracelet and many more amulets symbolizing your deepest feelings can be found at kandynation.com. Gold Heart Necklace is a beautiful expression of the Continuously Growing Love, making it an Ideal Gift Necklace for your Sister, Mother or a Friend. Our 14k Gold plated high quality stainless steel Gold Heart Infinity Bracelet screams ‘To Infinity and Beyond! That’s how long my love will last.’ This whole collection symbolizes a bond so strong that it can’t be broken and stands for a profound relationship. So much more effectively than words!

Because sometimes words, simply are Not enough. That’s why Kandy Nation designed a collection inspired by Mother and Daughter Bond. Show appreciation of the unique connection the two of you share, let her know that she is an irreplaceable part of your life, make sure she thinks about you whenever she looks at her jewellery…

Our Two As One Necklace Gift Set or Queen of Hearts Gift Set are a perfect way to do it with. After all, high quality people deserve high quality items to bring them joy!

Love, Kandy

Kandy Nation carefully chose each piece of jewellery, making sure of its’ meaning and positive energy, to help build up the one wearing it. We pay homage to heritage, tradition and mythology, throughout all of our collections. So wear it with conviction! Gift it to those you care about, as a reminder of making it through a challenging times. Spread the word on buying high quality hypoallergenic jewellery to yourself and to others. and all the while doing that You can rest assured that <a href=”https://kandynation.com/14k-gold-plated-jewellery/”>Kandy Nation</a> chose a product that does not cause harm to Your precious health nor the environment. A product that is made from quality materials into a luxurious and durable product, costing fraction of a price of it’s pure gold equivalent. 

For the love of our customers.

Letting Kids Choose What They Wear

Is your baby girl turns into a princess, in past days you play with her toys and spend more time with her to know their desires and longings of wishes. Narrating good stories to know the current situation of society in recent times and parents have a responsibility to teach their princess about her colorful future. Parents concerned about baby girl will be the most important connection that depends on how we perceive some behaviors we met every day and read many crime stories in newspapers and possibly on which gender child we’re thinking about. When it comes to girls, the link between princess’s involvement and stereotypically female behavior should learn from the society. Kids love looking at cartoon photos and characters they watch on television. By using this, it as an advantage by making a step-by-step picture guide of your child’s clothing wearable. It could show her waking up, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, and eating breakfast. It is alright to choose to take a resilience break from cannabis. Now view website and check out whether you can get through a month, or a few, with no marijuana. The more you leave it, the more grounded your next high will hit you. It is assessed that a month is required for cannabinoids to leave your framework.

Parents generally do not need a lot of size clothing, as babies will quickly outgrow it. New babies have sensitive and soft skin so some experts recommend all cotton, although soft cotton blends also work for many babies, sometimes causes skin irritation. To get your baby girl habit of assisting with chores, you have to figure out which ones they love to do and how to tackle the complex and tedious ones as they get older. You must list number of chores organized by age, but who can do what and when differs from kid to kid, according to their ability, developmental readiness, interests, and any special needs. The following lists are grouped in a way found to be much more user-friendly is:

  • Ø  Special Occasion Chores
  • Ø  Fun Chores
  • Ø  Rewarding Chores
  • Ø  Dull Chores
  • Safety measures of baby clothing

Thousands of baby garments have been tested in recent years due to their failure to meet safety standards and not much on the side of customer feedbacks. Anything that can come off baby clothing can be a hazard, including bows, buttons, flowers and hooks, so it’s best to dress a baby in clothes without them. Buy major baby-clothing brands because those people avoid these types of decorations and visit website to clear your queries. But homemade items, hand-me-downs, and pieces from small companies may have them. Which damage a baby’s skin? If you have clothing with decorations, check it properly with the tags, zips, chocks and everything. New dresses are often treated with chemicals to make the material more crisper, don’t forget to those items before wearing.

Smart and Significant Option for the Premium Gifts

When choosing a gift for a person it is always good to look for something that can fully satisfy you. Unfortunately, this rule is often not followed and we buy something that we like very much, hoping that we will like it the other, but it is not always the case. So let’s get seated and try to prepare a list of the interests of the person to whom we have to give a gift. Anyone has an interest, from sports to TV to mountain climbing, no matter what. After preparing this list, the narrow scope in which to start our research will appear clearer.

Something Useful

Even the most original gift can be a useful object, which can be used in everyday situations. However, it is worthwhile to evaluate what can be useful to our friend or relative, so as not to offer him something totally superfluous, or that he will never use. As regalionline.org also suggests, a useful gift always has a specific purpose, but only if we are certain that those who receive it will then use it. For example, gloves are a great gift, but if we have to give them to someone who lives in a warm place, their usefulness becomes very low, better to avoid.

The Price Of A Gift

Unless you have to give a gift to an important person, it’s always worth setting a fairly modest budget. This is because making an expensive gift to a friend or relative can make them feel embarrassed, especially at times when they exchange gifts, such as at Christmas. In these situations, the budget should be established first by mutual agreement. You will avoid the scenes in which one hands another a jewel to get a DVD of an old movie in return. Of course, what counts is thought, but some people may be offended if they receive a small gift or, conversely, a decidedly expensive one. If you take a look at the why choose us part of the Premium Gifts, then surely you would have the best deal there.

  • When some party is approaching, like a friend’s birthday or another special occasion, you need to start thinking about what you could give away.
  • It’s always better to get organized in time, because reducing yourself at the last minute not only increases the risk of choosing something bad or unsuitable, but also creates unnecessary stress. Do you have time to do everything with ease? Then make the most of it, so the search for gifts is not only not stressful, but can also become pleasant.

The problem, however, arises when you run out of gift ideas, because sometimes you happen to organize yourself in time but don’t find the same something suitable. It may be because you cannot find what you had in mind, or it is just a lack of good proposals, and everything you see fails to convince you fully.

Today, however, these problems can be solved much more easily with the Internet. Finding something online is easier and faster, so if you already have something specific in mind you can find it almost without fail.

Greater Marketing Options As Per Your Choice


Managing a shop is easy; managing it well is much more complicated. Here are some suggestions for facing the challenge in the right way. How to increase sales of a store, maximizing turnover? To answer this question, you can have a look in these professional solutions to put into practice every day to ensure the success of the managed business!

One thing is certain: we can’t do without it. Most of us Italians have a passion for fashion. A few tricks that help you save money on clothing in times of crisis can certainly be useful for making smart and less expensive purchases.

Few but good

We have closets full of clothes and we often buy new cabinets to put new clothes in. Change mentality: you don’t really need so many clothes. A first step towards saving is simply to reduce the amount of clothes. Regarding the General Shopping & Outletsyou will be able to have the finer options now.

But be careful, dressing cheaply is not always the same as saving: you really save money by not spending a little on clothes that may last two months, but focusing on quality. Good products that last over time, preferring synthetic fibers.

Furthermore it is always worth checking the items you have decided to buy. If you can indeed find some small defect or imperfection that does not affect the quality of the garment, you can easily ask for a further discount that will almost certainly be granted by the retailer. The seller, in fact, rather than keeping a failed garment in the store that could end up in the unsold, could grant a price reduction.

Online purchases

Many good deals can be found online. Apart from the reduced costs of these virtual shops, they often launch promotional campaigns with extremely advantageous discounts thanks to which it is possible to save money. 

In recent times, more and more ecommerce apparel is growing, reducing the market prices and sometimes do not even apply shipping costs, not even in the event of goods being exchanged if the size or color is wrong.

Balances yes, but carefully

Of course then there are the balances: buying in the sales period is convenient, but only if you choose normally expensive shops where you can buy high quality clothes at prices that you could never afford the rest of the year. But be careful not to overdo it, one, two, three pieces. Those are the ones who serve.

Even the outlets are a source of savings: for the same brand and
model, the clothes cost less than those sold in normal retail outlets. This is
because in the outlets, as well as in the factory outlets, the unsold items of
the previous year or the surplus stock are usually sold.